I make interdisciplinary art that often takes the form of video and includes installation, sculpture, sound, and space. Often my work makes landscape and the body the subject. Research, particularly in special collections and archives, plays a major role in my process.

I approach each piece individually with a concept in mind allowing the process to inform the final outcome. I examine the physical space (land) and body as an anchor or point of reference to look for an unseen liminal experience. I ask myself, how would this physical external environment reflect an internal, private headspace and vice versa? What is this experience exactly and what is it like metaphorically?

The work unfolds through the process of investigating my own internal landscape of thoughts, ideas, sensations, and emotions using intuition in combination with a literal exploration of landscape, culture, and history through research and being present. I embed myself in the fabric of an environment or idea until I sense my own perception shift to an intangible experience beyond myself and beyond the place.

The artwork then becomes not only the objects and elements that are seen and heard but also the embodied experience and feeling of the viewer.

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