Erin Fussell is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and librarian. Born in Ventura, California, raised in Portland, Oregon, and well-traveled, she knows how place shapes memory.

Her work has been shared internationally, noteably on Soundart Radio (Totnes, U.K.), at Supplement Space (Seoul, Korea), Abetenim Arts Village (Ashanti Region, Ghana), Center on Contemporary Art (Seattle, WA), and at Tamarind Institute and SITE Santa Fe (New Mexico). Her work is has been published in Terrain Journal, Emergency INDEX, THE Magazine, and recently in Acid-Free– a magazine by the Los Angeles Archivist Collective. She is a recipient of the Albuquerque Public Art grant, various scholarships, and is an alumni SITE Santa Fe Scholar.

Currently, in the studio, she’s processing material gleaned from the Getty Research Institute on the Long Beach Museum Video Archives and researching the L.A. River for an artist’s book.


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