A New Deal at UNM

“A New Deal at UNM: Federal funding transforms the University of New Mexico in the 1930s” This exhibit that I co-curated runs through July 2017 at the Center for Southwest Research.

The exhibit focuses on UNM’s involvement in New Deal programming, as both a recipient of funds and as a location for New Deal- related offices and programs.

Public Works Administration grant funds built several major buildings at UNM, including Scholes Hall and Zimmerman Library.

The Civilian Conservation Core worked on landscaping and planting projects and built walkways and irrigation systems

The WPA funded craftspeople and vocational students to make furnishings for campus buildings

National Youth Administration funds helped hire student workers for on- campus jobs.

Federal art projects hired painters and sculptors to create art works for campus.

Lectures scheduled throughout the exhibition run. Check on UNM Libraries website. 

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