What is There That We Cannot See? Show & Lectures

Graduate art show on view at the UNM Art Museum. Juror: Courtney Fink.

Lecture: Courtney Fink, February 24, 5:30-7pm

In this lecture, Courtney will talk about her curatorial vision and process for the juried exhibition as well as her work in the field of artists’ spaces over the past twenty years – highlighting projects that connect to artist-centered organizing and the artist as curator.

Courtney Fink is an organizer, arts advocate and curator. She is the co-director and co-founder of Common Field, a new visual arts organizing network that connects contemporary, experimental, noncommercial artist organizations and organizers across the US and beyond. From 2002-2015 she was the Executive Director of Southern Exposure, a 41-year-old non-profit organization in San Francisco that supports visual artists.

Still from Hallowed Ground

Related: I’ll be giving a pecha kucha talk at Meeting of the Minds in the museum on March 31, 2016, 12-1pm along with other graduate artists in the show. 



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