“On Media, Signals, and Connections” group exhibition LoosenArt Gallery opening November 30, Rome, Italy 

“Humanism” group exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery (London) opening September 13, Athens, Greece

“PⒶW” at the Reykjavik International Film Festival 2021 this fall

“Safe Passage (for Sheila)” receives Honorable Mention at the LA Underground Film Forum

“No Movement” 6-month broadcast loop begins June 21st with Issue 1 : Test Flight of Materials & Applications Radio / Lookout FM:::  96.7 KGAP-LP FM, Los Angeles’ only terrestrial architecture radio station— highlights listening event September 12 at Craft Contemporary 

“How’s the weather here there?” 2020 postcard exchange updates see News 

erin fussell is an artist based in los angeles, california

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