Safe Passage (for Sheila)

2021, 4k + smartphone images, 02:35

On the surface, Safe Passage (for Sheila) is a look at living alone during the pandemic in a 2 1/2 minute story about a spider. In a deeper sense, it challenges the femme fatale stereotype. Based on a true story. IMDb


Screenings and Awards

Best Super Short Film

8 & Halfilm Awards 

Best Short Documentary

Venice Art + Film Festival

Roshani International Film Festival

Best Short Film

Moody Crab Fest

Make Art Not Fear

Best Experimental Short

Focus International Film Festival

Bridge Fest

Wallachia International Film Festival 

Best Editing

French Independent Film Festival

Outstanding Achievement in Short Film

World Film Carnival Singapore 

Beyond Border International Film Festival 

Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards

First Women Film Festival


ZTV : Video Festival A GO-GO

Lane Doc Fest

Mindfield Film Festival

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival


New York City International Films Infest Festival

Indie Short Fest


New York Cinema Awards

Golden Nugget International Film Festival

Official Selection

Buzz Vicious International Film Festival

Santa Monica Film Festival

Santa Clarita International Film Festival

Something Wicked DocuFest

Barcelona International Short Film Festival

L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Film Festival

Naked Mountain International Independent Short Film Festival

LA Punk Film Festival

Arizona Underground Film Festival

New Haven International Documentary Film Festival

Silicon Beach Film Festival

Goa Short Film Festival

Toronto Tamil Film Festival

Whitespace Gallery

Amsterdam Freedom Independent Film Fest

Florence Film Awards

Cine del Mar 15

Indie Shorts Mag Short Film Fest


Brainwash 27th Annual Drive-in/Bike-in/Walk-in Movie Festival


Honorable Mention 

Paris Short Film Awards

Black Panther International Short Film Festival

LA Underground Film Forum

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