2020 marks a new decade, a leap year, and an election year in the United States. All year, January 1 – December 31, 2020, I invite you to participate in a postcard exchange art project called, “How’s the weather here there?” 
My goal is to create connections, provide a reflective space for anyone to participate in art practice à la Fluxus, and to create an abstract record of the year. Now that we have reached mid-year and have been experiencing the spotlight on continued racial injustice in our nation, police brutality, and the COVID-19 outbreak, the postcard exchange provides an opportunity to connect and takes on even more significance as a record of the year 2020.
To participate, describe your current inner and outer landscape (physical space, emotional state, whatever that means to you) on a postcard as many times as you want this year and mail it to me:
Erin Fussell
P.O. Box 13414
Los Angeles, CA 90013
If you include a return address, I will write back to you describing mine in that particular moment. The project will exhibit in 2021. Addresses will be redacted for public presentation.
After the exhibition, I plan to turn the project into a book where the proceeds go to organizations that assist people experiencing homelessness (with both immediate needs and long term paths out of it), who do not have addresses to participate in a project like this one.
Thank you!
postcard collage
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