Desert Longings

Installation at the Ocotillo Room // Mood Salon
New Mexico, Summer, 2016

1 full from front

1. “Runaway”, tumbleweeds, cb radio, lights, cashmere slip, t.v., 12′ x 15′ x 11′
2. “The River”, HD Video, performance for camera with dancers Christine Josephine, Dalila Baied, Mercedes Arechiga, Kelly Davis, and Lauren Coons, 07:18
3.”Dreams of the Sea”, massage table, seaweed, t.v., salt, 7′ x 3′ x 3.5′
4.”Dry Without You”, HD Video, 07:49

The land and I reflect each other’s longings
for water, or quenching
for wind, or flight
for a past or future self like when the desert was the ocean floor
and for love
and for understanding.


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Imagine the faint sounds of a CB radio picking up signals from the highway here

The River

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Dreams of the Sea 

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Imagine the smell of the ocean here

Dry Without You

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