Silence on the Mesa

Performance with a.louella in the woods of Valle Vidal, New Mexico, Land Arts of the American West, September 30, 2015

On listening to the rhythm of the body; a rhythm heard loudest when one is quiet.
The experience began at the campsite where people followed a string in silence that led across a valley, up a hill, and through the trees on top of a mesa after dark. The string was tied from tree to tree that led to the performance site lit only by candles.

Performance Score

The Rules
Don’t leave until 8:45 pm
Follow the path down from camp to the creek.
Cross the creek by Paula’s tent.
Find the red string in the valley.
Follow the string up the hill and onto the mesa.
Once on the mesa, we request silence and to turn off your headlamps.
Continue following the string that has turned from red to tan.
You will know the space when you get there.
The performance will begin at 9 pm.
We request no documentation and silence.
You will know when it’s over when only one figure is left on “stage” in child’s pose.
Please leave following the string in darkness, in silence.
Thank you.

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