Tamarind Lithographs

Lithography collaborative with printers at Tamarind Institute (3), 2016

“Body Hair Landscape Icon”
with Jordan Welsh, Tamarind PTP
Two-color lithograph, gold-leafed scan of my hair, 22 x 24″
Edition of 15


“Looking at New Mexico after J.B. Jackson”
with Michael De La Cruz, Tamarind PTP
Three-color lithograph with hot pink dusting, 18 x 22″
Edition of 15

Using Google Earth, I cropped an aerial image of rural New Mexico with a perfectly straight road (seen in hot pink) cutting through the landscape showing the relationship between the natural and built environment. J.B. Jackson was a scholar whose work I archived and who wrote extensively on these subjects. 


“Too Many Sands to Know: Songs for New Mexico”
with Shasta Blackford, Tamarind PTP

Four-color lithograph with chine-colle, 22 x 30″
Edition of 15


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