Erin Fussell is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Los Angeles, California. Her work flattens the hierarchy of creative mediums and reflects the experience of everyday living. From hitchhiking and working on organic farms in New Zealand to an artist residency in Ghana to performing seasonal labor at an Alaskan fishing lodge to her master’s degrees, she seeks out experiences to broaden her perception and skills for her practice in order to let the work speak for itself. She works across many disciplines such as installation, writing, and dance. Her work does not fit standard categorization.

Erin’s work has been widely shared in diverse ways such as heard on Soundart Radio in the U.K., screened at Stone + Water in Seoul, Korea, Coaxial in Los Angeles, and on Open Access television in Portland, Oregon. She has performed in the woods as well as exhibited work in galleries that include CoCA Seattle, SITE Santa Fe, and Tamarind Institute. Publicity features of her work include PBS, Terrain Journal, and Southwest Contemporary Magazine. She is extremely curious, always engaged in learning new things.

Currently, she preserves materials from the Los Angeles Woman’s Building at the Getty Research Institute.

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