Erin Fussell (b. 1979, California, USA) is an artist working across disciplines that include video, installation, text, dance, photography, drawing, and sound. With an emphasis on process and time-based art, she mines her internal and external landscapes with the possibility of mediums and their relationships to each other, space, and ideas to spark wonder and thought for everyday living.

From hitchhiking and working on organic farms in Aotearoa to an artist residency in Ghana to performing seasonal labor at an Alaskan fishing lodge to her graduate degrees and faith in Jesus’ love practice, she seeks out experiences to broaden her perception. With these skills, she makes the work from a deep personal connection to layers of meaning and intellectual inquiry but then lets the artwork have its own life with and without her intentions since art is always subjective and relational. 

Erin’s work has been shared internationally in diverse ways. Sound broadcasts include Materials & Applications architecture radio (Los Angeles), Soundart Radio (U.K.), and Lookout FM online. Moving images screened in various formats from gallery installations to film festivals that include GRRL HAUS Cinema (Berlin, Germany), Stone + Water (Seoul, Korea), Open Access TV (Portland, Oregon), and as part of The One Minutes Series (Netherlands) touring festivals and art spaces around Europe including RIFF (Reykjavík, Iceland) and the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Germany). Her short film “Safe Passage (for Sheila)” went on a two year world tour of film festivals and art spaces in Asia, North and South America, and Europe earning 56 laurels, 16 awards, and 10 almost wins.

She has performed dance work in the woods and installed work in an old gas station turned exhibition space (City of Glendale, CA) as well as exhibited artwork in galleries that include Center on Contemporary Art (Seattle), Monte Vista Projects (Los Angeles), Tamarind Institute, SITE Santa Fe (New Mexico), Black Box Gallery (Portland, OR), BIOS (Athens, Greece), and Loosen Art (Rome, Italy). Publicity features of her work include New Current (London/Barcelona), FICIMAD 23 Magazine (Madrid), Public Broadcasting Network TV, Terrain Journal, and Southwest Contemporary Magazine. Her own writing on art and historical archives has been published with the Getty News + Stories and Getty podcast Art + Ideas, Los Angeles Archivist Collective Acid Free Magazine, and Emergency INDEX issues 6, 7, and 10+ among others.

Her latest venture as resident studio artist at Artworks Center on Contemporary Art  (October ’23 – January ’24) led to her current gallery installation (March 2024) at UAP Gallery in Loveland, Colorado. Her upcoming project thru 2025 will be working at the U.S./Mexico border in Arizona.


Part of my collection


Self-portrait at 30 with Interstate 40 drawn across my chest, 2010


Self-portrait at 21 on the street of Ketchikan, Alaska, 2001



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